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Marsal Waste Glass Crushing Machine - GLSand
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Marsal Waste is pleased to offer the GLSand, glass crushing machine. The GLSand is a compact glass bottle crusher that reduces glass bottles in volume by 10:1 to a sand like product. The GLSand machine is ideal and best suited for area with inefficient or no existing glass recycling systems.

Tested and in production the GLSand is a specialty glass reduction machine designed with bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs hotels, resorts, luxury yachts as well as commercial shipping in mind.

With a waste glass volume reduction of 90% and when considering the simplicity of the machine it is an astounding piece of equipment.

The operator simply ensures the bucket is not full and is inserted correctly, switches the machine on and feeds individual bottles through the rubber safety flap at the top of the feed shoot.

The precision cut hammers each individually balanced take care of the rest, reducing glass bottles, jars, containers etc., from their full state to a fine sand like material in a matter of seconds. The end product is 100% safe to handle and easily stored pending disposal or pick up by a waste collection company.

  • 90% volume reduction - Safe to handle sand bi-product
  • Simple quiet and safe operation
  • Crush time of 3-5 seconds per bottle
  • 20L bucket capacity 160 beer bottles or 60 wine and spirit bottles
  • Single phase 220-240V power supply - 3 phase on request
  • 65-90db noise
  • Marine spec stainless housing available by special order
  • Dimensions 1346H x 581W x 482D at 90kg (0.25 cubic metres)
  • Consumables Screen approx 20,000 bottles and hammers approx 50,000 bottles